Culture that supports local talents and uses visual communication to change a social mindset.

Olga supports the idea of giving the voice to more locally connected journalists and photographers in the visual market inside and outside her own country. She runs mentorship programs, teaches an author course, co-creates festivals and other opportunities to educate the general public and level up the skills of emerging professionals.

Young Russian Photographers is an annual edition festival that discovers new platforms for productive gatherings all over the country. It aims to re-connect distant Russian regions through photography; to raise the bars of national visual communication; to create photographers' database and bring new Russian names to the international industry. Each year it proposes grants, exhibitions, open calls, masterclasses, portfolio reviews, and other activities to train emerging local talents and make them notable in the regional and international arena.

Ingurazova focuses her work with young colleagues on overcoming their individual limitations and unsound competition provoked by today’s process of inclusion in the industry. Finding joy in connecting fieldwork with local heritage and deeply personal needs.

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