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Smithsonian Magazine

What Ever Happened to the Russian Revolution? We journey through Vladimir Putin’s Russia to measure the aftershocks of the political explosion that rocked the world a century ago. Russia is both a great, glorious country and an ongoing disaster. Just when you decide it is the one, it turns around and discloses the other...Read more

National Geographic

A Chance Encounter Leads to a Deeper Understanding of a Civil War What makes people decide that, rather than start over elsewhere, they’ll stay in a place with ghosts of the past both bitter and sweet? The most powerful takeaway for Ingurazova was finding out how in the midst of it all, life goes on. This sentiment also parallels her own as a photographer. “Photography is about staying,” she says, and coming away with a deeper understanding...Read more


Not Eligible To Play Olga Ingurazova went to the CONIFA football games for unrecognized tribes, nations and sports isolated territories to capture this unusual sporting event. We spoke to her about the project and documentary photography in general… Read more

The Wall Street Journal

Russian Lawyers Find Lucrative Niche Counseling Clients Hit by Sanctions Russian lawyer had to make a choice: either had to drop the biggest client, or give up promising career at a prestigious American law firm and launch his own practice...Read More

The Washington Post

The ‘#MeToo hurricane’: Rape case divides a Russian city and stirs rare debate on feminism and justice Communism afforded options for Russian women — including the right to vote and access to legal abortion — decades ahead of their Western sisters gaining them. Recently high-profile rape case brought layers of questions — over power, conscience, justice and feminism. The case also challenges views on the law and sexual violence in the region around Ufa, where Muslims make up around half of the population, and across Russia as a whole...Read more

The Washington Post

A picturesque mountain offers one man solace from post-conflict trauma Trained in journalism, I became a postwar photographer and have worked on peace processes. For years, I traveled to unrecognized countries that don’t exist on world maps. Once, I went to a disputed region on the eastern coast of the Black Sea that was destroyed by civil war after the collapse of the Soviet Union. One night, I woke up suffering from terrible pain and was carried to a hospital by an unknown man. A few days after an urgent operation, he came to check on me. After abdominal bleeding and massive blood loss, I needed a place to recover — he offered me a place to stay at his house until I could walk. I took this leap of faith, trusting a stranger....Read more

Территория L

«Найдите свой драйв в фотографии…» Сегодня мы беседуем с документальным фотографом Ольгой Ингуразовой. Однажды она не побоялась реализовать свою давнюю мечту стать фотографом,результатом стали международное признание,место в шорт-листе «30 молодых документальных фотографов до 30-ти» по версии фотоагентства Magnum,а The Guardian включили Ольгу в «десятку лучших фотографов, документирующих постсоветское пространство и Восточную Европу».

Мы поговорили с Ольгой о её пути в фотожурналистику, о гендерных стереотипах и будущем визуальной культуры... Читать дальше

Огонёк/ Коммерсантъ

Первенство непризнанных (Фото и текст: Ольга Ингуразова) Пока сытая футболом Европа вполглаза смотрела отборочные матчи на Евро-2020, в Нагорном Карабахе народ ломился на матчи ЧЕ по футболу среди непризнанных, а то и вовсе неведомых государств, нацменьшинств и диаспор. Чем отличаются альтернативные турниры Конфедерации независимых футбольных ассоциаций? Начать надо со зрителей. Для них выход на поле своей команды уже признание. Не только ее, но и их, болельщиков, региона, образа жизни. Поэтому стадионы полны, а событие выходит за рамки футбола... Читать дальше

TV & VIDEO PRODUCTION                                                    ТЕЛЕВИЗИОННЫЕ ПРОЕКТЫ


COMMISSIONED                                                 КОММЕРЧЕСКИЕ СЪЁМКИ

Отмеченные наградами фотосерии «Шрамы независимости» и «Волк» были опубликованы в книжной серии «Война - это только половина истории», созданной американским фондом «The Aftermath» и издательством Dewi Lewis Publishing.

«В книге вы найдете тех лучших мировых фотографов, которые стремятся изменить способы освещения конфликта средствами массовой информации и рассказать об истинной цене войны и реальной ценности мира», - Dewi Lewis Publishing.


Olga’s award-winning photo stories ”Scars of Independence” and ”Wolf Story” were published as a part of a book series "War Is Only Half the Story".  

“ In the book you'll find some of world’s best photographers who strive to change the way the media covers conflict - and to educate the public about the true cost of war and the real price of peace." - Dewi Lewis Publishing. 


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