‌Olga  Smirnova 
(artist name Olga Ingurazova)

 Russian-born award-winning photographer, international journalist, tv producer and educator

Has conducted photography and educational activities in more than 20 countries. She began her career by documenting post-conflict recovery, separatist movements' aftermath, and participating in peacekeeping dialogue programs. 

One of the ”ten best photographers documenting post-Soviet and East Europe” by the version of the international photo agency Magnum and the French cultural foundation PhotoBoite in 2017.

Collaborates as a photographer, writer, and producer with National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Washington Post, Smithsonian magazine, DR1 TV, RTL TV, etc.

Author of lectures, workshops, and educational programs on photography and visual communication for children and adults. Creator and method teacher of the "Art in Action".

Olga is an international speaker, external  lecturer at Moscow Lomonosov State University, IGUMO, British Higher School of Design.

Member of the International Federation of Journalists,  International Women Photograph FoundationRussian Union of JournalistsRussian Union of Photo Artists

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□ one of the ”ten best photographers documenting post-Soviet and East Europe”  according to The Guardian magazine short list in 2016.

□ awarded and supported by the Lucie Foundation Award, Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Prize, Aftermath Project Foundation, Invisible Photographer Asia Scholarship, IAFOR Documentary Award, International photography Direct Look Award. 

□ documentary photographer, exhibited internationally  (Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Croatia, USA, Portugal) 

□ works included in museum collections (Latvian Museum of Photography (Riga), Russian Museum of Photography (St. Petersburg)

□ covered the Olympic Games and world football tournaments in South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Georgia, Poland, and Ukraine.

□ local producer of the highest-rated documentaries about Russia for central Danish television in 2018

□ more than 300 young people from different cities began to use visual research in their daily lives and studies. They founded a city photo archive, shot the first commercial project right in the building of their college, created a tourist guide, etc.

□ professional photographers, journalists, artists, the general public, and students from 36 cities in Russia advanced the visual literacy skills and learned to work on projects. 

□ Olga's clients include creative and industrial organizations, galleries, festivals, and educational institutions. They progressed in working with local communities, changed the visual appearance of urban spaces, improved the skills of local media educators.

□  studied photojournalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University and broadcast media at the High School of Film and Television.

□ Olga speaks Russian, English, Italian and visual languages.

"War Is Only Half the Story"
Aftermath Project Foundation and Dewi Lewis Publishing | 2016
Treemedia publishing | 2020



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