Visual pedagogy that educates society, develops creative thinking, leadership and communication skills through art.

Ingurazova believes in soft correcting power of visual pedagogy that teaches to travel fast between times, cultures and identities, and that knows how to translate this travels into transmittable and adequate emotions and experiences. Olga leads labs and workshops based on elements of visual communication and creative consulting.

Collaborating with TUMO centers for creative technologies Olga compiled skills development program. She’s implemented a set of her learning labs in three cities where the organization provides additional education for teenagers between 12 and 18 y.o. all across Armenia.

"Mixing the Old and New" is one of the labs that teach students applicable know-how for personal and commercial purposes, while making them feel co-creators of the local history. Teens obtain archived photographs of their own families and city residents and redefine life through the artistic practice of photography.

Mixing the OLD and NEW / backstage

Mixing the OLD and NEW / students project / WORKING WITH FAMILY ARCHIVES

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Mixing the OLD and NEW / students group project / WORKING WITH CITY ARCHIVES

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