Responsible production and public relations that creates new opportunities for educational and cultural activities in society.

Olga organizes her projects in the way that its backstage becomes an platform for people to connect and act together. She teams up with professionals from the fields of art, entrepreneurship, mass media, and sports to design and facilitate events that will make big public and social events closer to people.

Producing tv documentaries and news during FIFA World Cup 2018 in different Russian cities, Ingurazova knot together foreign media, locals, and sportspersons for such activities as training for the junior football team with professional footballer tv host; foreign journalists masterclasses for campus students.

In 2019 Ingurazova filmed an alternative football tournament for regions with unclear political status. It’s a «once in the lifetime» chance for most locals to see any international event on their land. Olga mustered a team from local students and made them her colleagues for the tournament week. Through learning a visual language and fieldwork they showed «their own tournament». They produced their own online content and presented a group exhibition.


UNRECOGNIZED GAMES / students group project

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