Visual pedagogy that educates society, develops creative thinking, leadership and communication skills through art.

Ingurazova believes in soft correcting power of visual pedagogy that teaches to travel fast between times, cultures and identities, and that knows how to translate this travels into transmittable and adequate emotions and experiences. Olga leads labs and workshops based on elements of visual communication and creative consulting. SEE MORE…


Culture that supports local talents and uses visual communication to change a social mindset.

Olga supports the idea of giving the voice to more locally connected journalists and photographers in the visual market inside and outside her own country. She runs mentorship programs, teaches an author course, co-creates festivals and other opportunities to educate the general public and level up the skills of emerging professionals. SEE MORE...


Responsible production and public relations that creates new opportunities for educational and cultural activities in society.

Olga organizes her projects in the way that its backstage becomes an platform for people to connect and act together. She teams up with professionals from the fields of art, entrepreneurship, mass media, and sports to design and facilitate events that will make big public and social events closer to people. SEE MORE...



"Mixing the Old and New" is one of the labs that teach teens applicable know-how for personal and commercial purposes, while making them feel co-creators of the local history.

Students obtain archived photographs of their own families and city residents and redefine life through the artistic practice of photography.

Pil’ours Photo Festival is an international event that found its own way to gather women photographers from all over the world with hundreds and even thousands of locals and tourists by setting the outdoor exhibitions in the St Gilles Croix de Vie area. 

Because organizers are from St Gilles Croix de Vie themselves their dream was to bring some international joy to France that lives outside of well known major cities; and make visual arts available outside museum. 

"Трюки фотожурналиста, которые может использовать каждый"

Семинар Ольги Ингуразовой в Российской государственной библиотеке для молодежи



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