"Art in Action" it's an educational program for working with teens and youth through visual research and photo projects.

About 300 young photography lovers from Russia, Italy and Armenia have already participated. They founded a city photo archive, filmed the European Football Championship, created a travel guide and much more, by using only the basic photo skills.

The program acts in these directions:
-to teach communities practical visual and communication skills 
-to reconnect people with the local history and create new cultural rituals 
- identify and support young talents in the field of culture and arts
-to create collaborative ecosystem for educators

Olga's author methodology includes elements of photography and visual arts, journalism, research, storytelling, social pedagogy, project teamwork, facilitation and mentoring.


√  A week before the workshop Olga and participants make a Zoom test call. The program is developed by Olga for each group of participants. So the team acquire not only skills, but also requested experience. 

√ Olga uses her international experience in photography, journalism and tv production to work with young people and their communities through visual storytelling.

√ She and young authors become colleagues. They have from 5 to 14 days to create and present their visual project.

√ Together they go through creative, organizational and business sides of the process - searching for ideas, getting to know the works of famous authors, searching for places and characters, shooting, the final exhibition / presentation.


About 80% of the information in all spheres of life today is transmitted through the image. The ability to create and use it for study, work, research, or hobby is just as important as being an advanced viewer with critical thinking. One can comprehend and consolidate these skills through working on a photo project and visual research.


How to create  new official photo archive in the city destroyed by the earthquake? Teens learned to organize different types of shootings and became co-creators of the history of their town. SEE MORE...



How to attract young people to study the history and life of the first in Russia Academic Town through visual research? The guys stumbled across an unexpected discovery made in the world-famous city of scientists in the capital of Siberia. SEE MORE...



How to attract tourists to an industrial city by telling a story that neither the guests nor the locals knew before? Teens illustrated the forgotten urban legend in the style of the world's leading magazines.SEE MORE...



How to show students how their talents and ideas may unfold in their hometown? Young authors shot their first commercial project right inside the college building. SEE MORE...



 How to turn local teens that live in the war zone, into European Football Cup photographers? Boys and girls competed with foreign photojournalists, showed an important tournament with their own eyes and opened the first group photo exhibition in the capital of the unrecognized state. SEE MORE...



How to help teenagers describe complex emotions by means  of staged portrait? The guys "pretended" that they were in their city for the first time and photographed their feelings. SEE MORE...



How to make different generations to better understand each other and speak the same visual language? Students used creativity and imagination to tell personal stories about their values, hard challenges and dreams. SEE MORE...

Art In Action CLUB

The most motivated and passionate  trainings' participants are invited to become a part of the "Art in Action" club. In the club they can attend lectures, online meetings and portfolio reviews. Membership in the club is free, speaker - Olga Ingurazova.

Twice a month, participants have the opportunity to learn more about contemporary photography, serial and project work, get recommendations on their portfolios and communicate with peers from other cities and countries.


Email me if you would like to host an Art in Action session in your country / city / school / studio. ONLINE format is possible. 

Or if you would like to know how you can independently work with teens and youth.

Do you have questions about offline and online cooperation OR about the program?  WRITE ME:)


Ольга Ингуразова на международном фестивале "Генэкспо. ФОТОувеличение"


Интервью и монтаж: Артём Янцен (участник "Искусство в действии", Новосибирск)

"Искусство в действии" в Новосибирске. 

Как снимался проект "Шёлковый путь". Ольга Ингуразова со своей программой по работе с подростками и молодежью через визуальные проекты «Art in action» («Искусство в действии») в гостях у юных авторов из Photoschool Photopixel и Елены Петруниной (Челябинск). 

"Mixing the Old and New"  and "Town Archives" are the learning labs that teach students applicable know-how for personal and commercial purposes, while making them feel co-creators of the local history.

За кулисами «На стыке старого и нового» и "Городской архив", двух творческих лабораторий, где подростки обучаются языку фотографии для личных и коммерческих целей, становясь сопричастными местной истории.

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