Olga Ingurazova is a Russian-born award-winning photographer, international journalist and educator based in Moscow.

□ one of the ”ten best photographers documenting post-Soviet and East Europe”  according to The Guardian magazine short list in 2016.

□ one of the ”ten best photographers documenting post-Soviet and East Europe” by the version of the international photo agency Magnum and the French cultural foundation PhotoBoite in 2017.

producer of three top-rated documentaries about Russia by central Danish tv in 2018.

jury member of the all-Russian photo festival "Young Russian Photographers" 2019

□ visual author for National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian magazine, Washington Post, Io Donna, Courrier international

□ documentary photographer, awarded internationally and exhibited in Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Croatia, USA, Portugal.

□ member of the International Federation of JournalistsRussian Union of Journalists, Russian Union of Photo Artists and international Women Photograph Foundation.

educator and co-author of educational initiatives in Russia, Armenia and Italy.

About Olga

Her working experience organically thrived from photojournalism and conflict facilitation to tv production and project development to cultural management and education.

Ingurazova began her career by documenting post-conflict recovery and the aftermath of separatist movements and national wars. Providing coverage in the international mass media, she participated in peacekeeping dialogue programs and held master classes for local students and media in Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Moldova, and Ukraine to change the relationships on the ground. She teamed up with locals organizers for cultural events helping repatriates families from war-torn Syria, returned to the ethnic motherland, to assimilate in the South Caucasus. Worked in the back of the violence preventions.

Olga’s award-winning photo stories ”Scars of Independence” and ”Wolf Story” were published as a part of a book series "War Is Only Half the Story" produced by the Aftermath Project Foundation and Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Based on this five years' work, The Guardian magazine named Olga Ingurazova one of the ”ten best photographers documenting post-Soviet and East Europe” in 2016. The same year the international photo agency Magnum and the French cultural foundation PhotoBoite added her name to their shortlists “30 under 30’’ young documentary photographers to watch.

Being a sports enthusiast, she covered the Olympic Games and world football tournaments in South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Georgia, Poland, and Ukraine, exploring how sports affect the social and political climate outside of stadiums and sports venues.

Her work was focused on sports diplomacy . Ingurazova brought up stories of 'alternative' national football teams of Somaliland, Lapland, Cyprus, North Italy, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ossetia, Panjab and others following the football tournaments for de-facto nations, unrecognized countries and sports isolated territories around the world.

Ingurazova was awarded and supported by the Lucie Foundation Award, Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Prize, Aftermath Project Foundation, Invisible Photographer Asia Scholarship, IAFOR Documentary Award, International photography Direct Look Award.  (See RESUME)

Olga executed photo assignments on social, environmental and sport issues for such clients as National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian magazine, Washington Post, Io Donna, Courrier international among others. Worked as a tv producer for documentary films and news stories. 

Today, Olga contributes to international media as a producer and photographer. And works on cultural and educational events worldwide as education programs manager, curator and lecturerOlga uses personal photo projects and educational events as a tool to transform the audiences into communities. 

Olga studied photojournalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University and broadcast media at the High School of Film and Television Ostankino.

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Photo credit: Maria Ionova-Gribina

Photo credit: Natalia Inkina

Photo credit: Daria Agafonova


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